Many base metals may be preferred to be analysed by single element geochemistry. For this reason we have kept the “Traditional” geochemistry method of aqua-regia digestion, with atomic absorption finish.

Sub-sample splits of 0.5g are digested in hot aqua-regia and each element analysed individually. Some samples will have limited dissolution by this method for some elements.

Element Detection Limit
Antimony (Sb)  1-1000ppm
Cobalt (Co) 1-500ppm
Copper (Cu) 1-10000ppm
Iron (Fe) 5-10000ppm
Lead (Pb) 1-10000ppm
Nickel (Ni) 1-10000ppm
Silver (Ag) 0.2-6.0ppm
Zinc (Zn) 1-10000ppm
$4.95 for first element, plus $2.50 for each additional element.

Geochemistry Water/Solutions (AA Finish)

Element Detection Limit
pH  N/A
Cobalt (Co) 0.01 ppm
Copper (Cu) 0.01 ppm
Iron (Fe) 0.01 ppm
Lead (Pb) 0.01 ppm
Nickel (Ni) 0.01 ppm
Silver (Ag) 0.01 ppm
Zinc (Zn) 0.01 ppm
$11.50 for the first element, plus $3.00 for each additional element.
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