All prices are subject to applicable taxes and may be shipped at cost via courier, transport or DRL bus (excluding acid). The sample submittal form can be found on page 12, from our website, or by contacting Eastern Analytical Ltd.

Item Quantity Cost
3 part (water proof) assay tags 50/book $8.35*
Fibre shipping bags per bag $1.50
Soil bags (kraft paper) per bag $0.69
Soil bags (kraft paper) per case $276.00
Plastic sample bags (6mil) 10×16 per bag $0.35
Plastic sample bags (6mil) 10×16 case of 250 $88.00
Plastic sample bags (6mil) 12×18 per bag $0.40
Plastic sample bags (6mil) 12×18 case of 200 $80.00
Plastic sample bags (6mil) 18×27 box of 200 $120.00
Plastic Bottles 1 Litre $5.00
Acid dripper bottles 125ml $5.00
Acid dripper bottles 60ml $3.00

*3 part (water proof) assay tags included with analysis

Core sheds $900.00 per month
Core saw $575.00 per month ($250 damage deposit)
Land (Core Storage Racks) $9.00 per rack (clients provide their own racks)
Building (Space available for storage or core shack in Little Bay) Call for more information
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