Packing and Identification

  • Pack samples securely, ensuring that each sample is clearly labelled with a sample number ( tags are available).
  • We request that all packages / bags are less than 40 lbs for health and safety concerns.
  • Please label shipping packages / bags with sample sequence and identify package with sample submittal form.


  • Small packages can be couriered or mailed, larger packages can be shipped by DRL Coachlines or your local bus service.
  • Most shipping companies / truck lines deliver to Springdale daily.
  • We also pick-up larger shipments from Deer Lake airport. Please call for more information.

Analysis Request

Using an Eastern Analytical sample submittal form or a form of your own, identify:

  • Your name or the name of the company the analysis is for
  • Please note and specify Results to: Invoice to: and additional copies to:
  • Contact person, with phone number, fax number and email address
  • Project name or purchase number if required for invoicing
  • Analysis required by element, method or package
  • Any special instructions
  • Mode of data transmittal (fax, email or CD).
  • Storage and disposal of rejects and pulps after analysis


Custom bundles and quotes are available on bulk orders to fit your project. Please call for more information.

Reports and Handling Charges

There is a base charge of $6.50 for your first sample and 25¢ per additional sample up to a maximum of $25.00.

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