Fire assay is a lead-collection/fusion, for refinement of total sub-sample into a silver dore bead. The silver bead is dissolved in an aqua-regia digestion and analysis by atomic absorption (AA).


Au @ 30g AA finish – Lower Detection Limit 5ppb $19.15
(Note: High sulphide samples are not effectively fused when fire assayed at 30g, therefore the subsample size will be reduced to 15g or lower where needed for proper fusion.)
Au,Pt, Pd (30g) ICP finish 3-2500 ppb $26.30

Total Pulp Metallics

Total pulp metallic analysis is when the whole sample is crushed to -10mesh and pulverized to 95% -150mesh. The total sample is then weighed and screened 150mesh. The +150mesh fraction is fire assayed for Au, and a 30g subsample of the -150mesh fraction is fire assayed for Au. A calculated weighted average of total Au in the sample is reported as well.

Au (Total Pulp Metallics) Analysis only                      $37.80
2 – 30g minus fractions                      $56.70
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